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Market Based Rentals are Open to the General Public

Market Based Rental Application (pdf)


Market Based Rental Handbook (pdf)


Welcome, contact Irma Tagaleoo, Rental Program Specialist for more information.

Low Rent Program

TNHA Low Rent Program is open to Native Alaskan / Native American and income limits apply

Low Rent Program Application (pdf)


Low Rent Handbook (pdf)


Welcome, contact Irma Tagaleoo, Rental Program Specialist, for more information

Current Tenants

Vehicle Removal

Abandon and nonworking vehicles are currently being removed from TNHA property.  Please check your lease agreement and the tenant handbook detailing TNHA policy.  Flyers were distributed announcing that vehicles would be removed. Subject vehicles have been tagged.  Removal of a tag will not stop the process.

Avoid Late Fees

All payments are due to TNHA on the first day of the month for all of our programs.  If payment is not received by the 10th day of the month, a $25 late payment fee may be assessed.

Moving Out?

Should your plans change and you will no longer be living in TNHA housing, our policy states that a 30 Day Notice is required.  Please contact an Occupancy Specialist as early as possible to schedule a move out inspection.