Project: Heat Recovery Ventilators

This project will consist of upgrading ninety two (92) single and multifamily housing units from existing heat recovery ventilators (HRV) to highly efficient HRVs,  cleaning of the existing ducting with a HEPA rated professional air duct cleaning system, and balancing the air exchange.  Included in the project is boiler tuning of existing operational systems with pre- and post- tuning combustion analysis of ninety-two (92) homes. The work performed will also include a before and after AKWarm analysis of each unit to show improvements gained in energy efficiency.  The project Total Development Cost (TDC) is estimated at $1,858,768.               

Project: Barrow Homeowner Electrical Upgrades

(NEW in 2018) Upgrades in 32 Homeownership units.

Project: Unit Renovation / Modernization / Fire Rebuild

Current Assisted Stock (CAS): to date, 181 units have been completed.  This project is on-going.

Project: Energy Effieciency Data Mining

(NEW in 2018) This is a new project jointly funded by the Indian housing Block Grant (IHBG) and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC). The project uses visualization and algorithms to capture interpretive data from the data logger and control mechanisms from 18 units.